The gallery in Svolvær
31. Aug 2018
21. Oct 2018
Image: Jaye Carcary

Why Listen to Plants?

This sound-based exhibition offers a plant-listening program, by artists from Australia and Scandinavia from backgrounds including acoustic ecology, installation/visual art, performance and experimental music. Listeners are embedded in purpose-built mini greenhouses as they listen to sounds made by plants, sounds made with plants, and sounds made with plants’ listening pleasure in mind. (Link to full essay: Welcome to the Jungle)



Leah Bar­clay (AU) Strat­i­fi­ca­tion
Mar­grethe Pet­tersen (NO) Den lev­ende erfar­ing
Makiko Yamamoto (AU) Banana a-part; […]; Onion; In con­junc­tion
Felic­ity Mangan and Christina Ertl-Shirley (AU/DE) Live at Errant Sound
Kalle Hamm and Lauri Ainala (FI) Peruna/​Rhubarb
Kalle Hamm and Dzamil Kamanger (NO) Garden of inva­sive alien species
Daniel Slåt­tnes (NO) Stue­planta feat. DJ Printa / The house­plant feat. DJ Printa


Libby Har­ward (AU) Minyang nyinda yarinya? Minyang nyinda yagay ba? / What are you saying? What are you doing?
Mar­grethe Pet­tersen (NO) Empetrum nigrum
Laurie Ander­son (US) Love lives of plants
Nathan Gray (AU) The Sta­tion
Monica Winther (NO) Playlist for plants; Record­ing from exhi­bi­tion lost in par­adise
Daniel Slåt­tnes (NO) Å lære å kjenne en plante / To learn to know a plant

Plants: Adi­antum; Alium cepa; Artemisia vul­garis; Avi­cen­nia marina; Ceiba pen­tan­dra; Chloro­phy­tum Como­sum; Clivia; Cras­sula ovata; Empetrum Nigrum; Fomes fomen­tar­iusI; Her­a­cleum per­sicum; Hie­rochloe odor­ata; Impa­tiens glan­dulif­era; Lagarostro­bos franklinii; Musa; Noto­cacteae; Philo­den­dron; Prunus lau­ro­cera­sus; Rheum rhabar­barum; Rhi­zophora mangle; Rosa rugosa

Co-curated by Danni Zuvela (LA) and Karolin Tam­pere (NNKS).
Pre­sented in part­ner­ship with the North Nor­we­gian Art Centre (NNKS) along­side the Lofoten Sound Art Sym­po­sium.

This program is a collaboration and a conversation between Karolin Tampere and Danni Zuvela and between our respective organisations, NNKS and Liquid Architecture (LA). LA is an Australia organisation dedicated to artists working with sound and listening. Joel Stern is the co-Artistic Director of LA, and this program forms part of LA’s larger project Why Listen to Plants, taking place in Berlin, Lofoten, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hepburn and Melbourne between August and December 2018. Why Listen to Plants builds on ideas first developed by Joel and Danni in LA’s 2016 program Why Listen to Animals. Both are part of LA’s larger ongoing investigation exploring non-human listening, Why Listen? Karolin Tampere and Danni Zuvela have worked together since 2017 when Karolin performed at LA’s Body Languages event. This exhibition is in a dialogue with the Lofoten Sound Art Symposium, organized by Karolin Tampere and Svein Ingvoll Pedersen, from 6-9 September 2018.

Lofoten Sound Art Symposium’s thematics and activities will primarily be informed by the participating artists’ practices. However, taking place in the surroundings of the Lofoten islands and taking a cue from the practice of some of the most interesting recent and ongoing work in the field of sound art, the program will have a special focus on sound and nature as a present and crucial, entry point. The landscape of Lofoten is widely known for its aesthetic qualities; images of its extraordinary surroundings are reproduced and distributed extensively. In parallel to this often romanticised, static image – of the human idea of wilderness – these archipelagos are places in transformation. These are grounds where the idea of nature, and various claims on it, are played out amidst the shifting forces of commercial fishing and tourism industries in uneasy co-existence with increasing interests in oil extraction. What is the sound of the sea-bed? What noise is concealed by the roar of wind, waves and water?

The Artists
Installers: Magnus Holmen, Anna Näumann, Torill Østby Haaland, Karolin Tampere & Danni Zuvela
Painter: Svolvær Idrettslag Gutter -07
Carpenter: Gerhard Augustin
Designer: Jaye Carcary
Ideas, Inspiration and Nourishment: Aunty Glenda Nalder, Aunty Mary Graham, Monica Gagliano, Joel Stern, Georgia Hutchison, Debris Facility, Elena Betros, Tom Smith, Simon Hjermind Jensen, Camilla Fagerli, Berte Tungodden Ynnesdal, Svein Ingvoll Pedersen, Rhodiola rosea, Inonotus obliquus

Curated by Danni Zuvela, with Karolin Tampere. Why Listen to Plants is presented with  The Lofoten Sound Art Symposium (LSAS). The exhibition is part of Why Listen, which is an umbrella for a suite of other inves­ti­ga­tions by Liquid Architecture, includ­ing Why Listen to Ani­mals? (2016; 2019); 2018’s major inves­ti­ga­tion, Why Listen to Plants?, and more to come.

Liquid Archi­tec­ture is an Aus­tralian organ­i­sa­tion for artists work­ing with sound. LA inves­ti­gates the sounds them­selves, but also the ideas com­mu­ni­cated about, and the mean­ing of, sound and lis­ten­ing. Their pro­gram stages encoun­ters and cre­ates spaces for sonic expe­ri­ence, and crit­i­cal reflec­tion on sonor­ity and sys­tems of sonic affect. In conjunction with Lofoten Sound Art Symposium they have commissioned two new works by artists Nathan Gray and Makiko Yamamoto.

This project is generously supported by Creative Victoria.