Oulu Museum of Art
22. Jan 2016
20. Mar 2016

“SKILLS – Thinking through Making, Telling by Hand” is an international group exhibition curated and produced by the North  Norwegian Art Centre. The exhibition seeeks to examine some qualities of current arts and crafts – and the notion of craftmanship. SKILLS has toured to a number of Norwegian Art Centres, the Luleå Konsthall (Sweden) and is now at the Oulu Museum of Art (Finland) Oulu Museum of Art’s web page

Participating artists: Hedda Bjerkeli (No), Paulo Goldstein (GB), Tuva Gonsholt (No), Kaarina Kaikkonen (Fi), Vidar Koksvik (No), Britta Marakatt-Labba (Se), Solveig Ovanger (No), Kjell Rylander (Se), Kim Simonsson (Fi), Janna Syvänoja (Fi), Silje Figenschou Thoresen (No), Grethe Winther-Svendsen (No) and Annika Åkerfelt (Se).


Seminar Saturday January 23.

A seminar related to SKILLS will be held at the Oulu Museum of Art Saturday January 23.


Curators: Putte H. Dal, Torill Østby Haaland and Janne Juvi Rasmussen.

Supported by Art Council Norway and Nordic Culture Fund.