Mo i Rana
08. Nov 2018
01. Sep 2019

Mo i Rana is located in the middle of an old Sami area, Raanen, with long traditions, culture and history. Sissel Mutale Bergh’s two parted art project seeks to increase the visibility of Sami history in Raanen. RAANEN VOUDNA will provide insight into the narratives that have disappeared more or less from the surface. They are not part of the city’s identity today. The title can be translated into the green village / fjord.



November 8 to 10th, 2018

The language of the seminar is free and open to all. Language of the talks will be in Norwegian and Swedish.
Invited lecturers: Ada Einmo Jürgensen, Leif Elsvatn, Bjørg Evjen, Harald Gaski, Håkon Hermanstrand, Marit Myrvoll, Morten Olsen Haugen, Lena Kappfjell and Roy Kappfjell highlight various aspects of Raanen’s history and future at Rana Library, Mo i Rana.

Program and information about the contributors here (in Norwegian)

Sissel Mutale Bergh is an artist who works with different techniques and materials – in collaboration with several forms of knowledge. She has been working for the visibility of Sami presence and history for almost 10 years and is particularly engaged in investigating the inherent memory of the (southern) Sami language. As investigative tools, she uses different formates such as conversation, film, objects, painting and drawing to reflect upon questions such as “How to relate to and understand the world? Can we re-read the land, power, memory and relationships?”.
Her most recent exhibitions were “Okside rïhpesieh” (Dørene åpner seg) at the Sámi Dáiddáguovdas, 2018 and “Noe beveger seg sakte i en annen retning” at Kunsthall Trondheim, 2017. Bergh is educated at the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo and Technikon Natal in Durban, South Africa. She was based in Lusaka, Zambia for several years before arriving in Tråante / Trondheim.

RAANEN VOUDNA by Sissel Mutale Bergh is a two-part art project developed in response to a direct invitation from NNKS. The project will be presented in 2018/2019 and takes place in dialogue with RAANEN SAEMIEH.

In 2016, NNKS had an Open call to artists to submit proposals for art projects in relation to Mo i Rana. The first project, Mikado by Robert Johansson, was presented between November 2017 and April 2018 as a sculpture in Jernbaneparken in the center of Mo. Hannah Mjølsnes and Mike Leisz produced the work the DRAGON, a video installation shown in the Nordland Theater’s Black box in the spring of 2018. At Rana Public Library, choreographer Mette Edwardsen performed her work “Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine”.

UPCOMING PROJECTS: Aleksander Johan Andreassen’s new film Centarium, is also produced within this series of projects, produced and initiated by NNKS at Mo i Rana. The film and will be presented during Spring 2019.

The projects presented in the framework of NNKS at Mo i Rana are all supported by Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond.

IMAGE in black white is borrowed from “Århus for Rana 1991 (Rana Museums- og Historielag)”, p.93 (Photo Sverre Meyer, 1921). «Gammelstua in Akersvatnet, also known as Akersvasshytta, at the end of the Krabbtjønndalen valley. In this time, people lived together, and bumenn occasionally hunted and fishing in the area.”
From the article: “Beskrivelse af en tur over Umbugten, Græsvandet og Røsvandet i 1884” by Hans A.H. Olsen.