NNKS gallery, Torget 20, Svolvær
28. Sep 2017
28. Sep 2017

Kurant art space in Tromsø has invited international colleagues for a congress in Lofoten to discuss the possibilities of closer international collaboration between artist run spaces. As a part of this, all participating galleries will present their organisations at the North Norwegian Art Centre.

The artist run art spaces participating are:

Kurant, Norway
EKKM, Estonia
Ekkisens, Iceland
Bingo Kulttuuribingo, Finland
Elektroteatr, Russia

Open and free for all audiences.

The event is a part of #LIAF2017’s event program. LIAF takes place Sep 1 – Oct 1

The congress is supported by Troms County Council, Barentskult, FRAME Finland and The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Estonia.