on the coastline and mountains of Svolvær, Lofoten
31. Aug 2020
04. Sep 2020

The workshop is part of the North Norwegian Art Centre´s artist lead Thematic Summer Residences.

Watch the short film about the workshop that took place in Lofoten in 2020. Norwegian language with English subtitles.

Fra fjære til fjells / Fiervvás duoddarii

Fra fjære til fjells / Fiervvás duoddarii / From the shoreline to the mountains

A four-day workshop focusing on embroidery and plant dyeing with textile artists Britta Marakatt-Labba and Hilde Hauan. This is the second part of the workshop Fra fjære til fjells / Fiervvás duoddarii / From the shoreline to the mountains. First part took place during the summer of 2018 in the mountains of Berg in Troms County.

“From the shorelines of Lofoten, the mountains are easily accessible. Along a wandering route we will find a rich vegetation of plants, mushrooms, lichen, beard moss, pebbles, seaweed and kelp.

We will walk along animal paths in the mountains and balance our feet on the rocks in the shoreline. Yarns and fabrics will be dyed in pots and heated on bonfires on the beach. We will experiment with embroidery, and we will live and work together for these four days.

We want to create a workshop where the sharing of knowledge and experience is in focus. Everything the workshop group acquires of new knowledge these days can be utilized in all of our artistic practices afterwards. Together we create a knowledge vault that we can all build on together, as well as individually.

As part of the workshop, we will discuss the growing attention and focus that textile art has received in recent years as well as the extended activity we see around the textile techniques, both among professional artists and art students. Part of the workshop is to encourage immersion in a technique and a material, to learn a craft that takes time to execute, and to find an artistic result.

We have a responsibility to preserve these skills and to pass them on, we who are still part of an unbroken link of transmitted, inherited knowledge and experience over the centuries from generation to generation» Hilde Hauan og Britta Marakatt-Labba

Britta Marakatt-Labba lives and works in Övre Sopporo, Sweden.
She is educated at HDK in Gothenburg. She has been an artist since 1979 and has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. In 2017, she received the John Savío Award and participated in documenta 14. Marakatt-Labba is an honorary doctorate at Umeå University.

Hilde Hauan lives a and works in both Tromsø and Bergen. She is educated in Canada and Denmark. In recent years she has been a professor at Bergen Academy of the Arts and Professor II at the Sami University College in Kautokeino. She has been an artist and scenographer since 1979 and has exhibited widely both in Norway and internationally. Hauan has received the Ulrik Hendriksen’s Honorary Award 2018.

Participants Fra fjære til fjells / Fiervvás duoddarii / From the shoreline to the mountains 2020 workshop :
Ingrid Solvik, Liilian Saksi, Linn Rebekka Åmo, Malfridur Adalsteinsdottir, Thale Blix Fastvold, Inga Skålnes & Eva Ballo, Michelle Jarvis, Bente V. Dankertsen and Pia Krabberød.

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Fra fjære til fjells / Fiervvás duoddarii / From the shoreline to the mountains

WHEN August 31st to September 4th, 2020
WHERE Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway

Mainly outdoor activities, hiking and working in rough terrain. Changing weather conditions. Shared meals, accommodation and conversations.
Bring warm clothes, good shoes to hike in the mountains, outdoor clothing. Notebook, needle to sew, fabrics and yarn you would like to color. Yarns and fabrics will be dyed in pots that are heated on bonfires in the shoreline.
We will use an online platform to communicate the activities, surveys and discoveries. Participants are required to actively contribute to this platform during and after the workshop.

The participants cover their own roundtrip trip from Svolvær, Lofoten. The workshop covers local transport, food, accommodation and some materials.
Please note: the standard of the accommodation is simple, some shared bedrooms.


Application deadline: April 27th 2020
Application Criteria
Visual artists, art students or others who are especially interested in textile art in a practical, theoretical and expanded field.

To apply, please submit the following documents via email only:
– Letter of motivation outlining your artistic practice, research interest and what kind of mutual benefits you would like to see (max one A4 side)
– Your CV (max two A4 pages)
– A portfolio which documents your practice (maximum 4 projects with images and captions. Video, sound or text can be attached as external links in the application.)
– All documents must be in PDF format, 9MB max file size

Please write «Summer workshop 2020» in the subject line and send the application as one PDF to: post@nnks.no

Selection Process
10 candidates will be selected by a jury consisting of the artists Hilde Hauan Britta Marakatt-Labba and Karolin Tampere, curator at NNKS.