The Gallery, Svolvær
08. Apr 2016
29. May 2016
Aslaug Magdalena Juliussen

Time, loss and continuity are central themes in Aslaug Magdalena Juliussens exhibition Multiple Stitches – sight in absence, an installation consisting of textile sculptures inspired by doors and flora. Created by laminated fabrics, embroidery, bone and hair, Juliussens work is organic in shape and material, and with references to baroque still-life painting and memento mori symbolism. The artworks embody the lived and lost life of the materials, as well as the artistic processes that has given them new form.

ʻWhat does it entail to walk through a door? The door can be a marker for an entrance or an exit. It can be the marker of a passage between the known and the unknown. The doors in this exhibition seem, with their somewhat grotesque hairy and sickly surfaces, to communicate that entering through these passages is not without risk. Maybe the risk lies within what we are not able to see, and what Aslaug Magdalena Juliussen will not let us look away from – our own existence as creatures of sightʼ

Hanne Gudrun Gulljord, Curator at Tromsø Kunstforening

Aslaug Magdalena Juliussen (b. 1953 in Lødingen) is educated from The Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Industry and trained as apprentice for textile artist Synnøve Anker Aurdal. Juliussen dominantly works with installations and textile sculptures, in dialogue with traditional textile techniques. She is represented in such collections as Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Northern Norway Art Museum and RiddoDuottarMuseat.

The exhibition is supported by Arts Council Norway.

Artist profile

Aslaug Magdalena Juliussen

Aslaug Juliussen (f. 1953) fra Lødingen, bor og arbeider i Tromsø