30. Sep 2016
31. Dec 2019

Image: Ananda Serné, Source to Mouth, 2018, video still

Since 2016 North Norwegian Art Centre runs a Mentor program for recent art graduates

We are happy to announce the second round of four artists selected for our mentor program for recent art graduates:

Hannah Mjølsnes (Trondheim), Thea Meinert (Trondheim), Camilla Nicolaisen (Tromsø) and Ananda Serné (Stavanger). Read more about each artist below.

Eva Bakkeslett (Steigen) mentor for Hannah Mjølsnes, Ane Graff (Oslo) mentor for Thea Meinert, Åsa Sonjasdotter (Berlin), mentor for Camilla Nicolaisen and Bodil Furu (Oslo) mentor for Ananda Serné.

The Mentor program for recent art graduates will run for three years. The program is open to all recent art graduates who live and work Norway.

The Mentor program for recent art graduates couples a recent art graduate with an established artist – a mentor. The mentor will work as an advisor, conversational partner, and one who shares his or her work experience. The program facilitates for the arrangement to last for the duration of a year, and allows for travels and meetings.

The Mentor program for recent art graduates is supported by Talent Norge and Sparebank 1 Nord-Norges kulturnæringstiftelse.

The selected artists for NNKS Mentor program 2018-2019

Hannah Mjølsnes, Spirit Matter, 2 channel sound and video lyd installation.

Hannah Mjølsnes (1987) creates site specific installations and performances that consider the agency of materials that are often thought to be inanimate such as minerals, metals, plants and the landscape itself. She uses video as a way to observe and create a subjective relationship to her subject which is turned into immersive video and sound installations. Her pieces are settings where one can contemplate these materials as subjects, part of our mythology and their effect on us. She also performs tea servings of nine specific plants as part of The Nine Herbs Charm Collective. Mjølsnes has exhibited at Podium, (Oslo) Louise Dany, (Oslo) and Human Resources Los Angeles (LA).


Ware, 2017, installation
EXIT – MFA graduation show 2017, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Gråmølna. Photo: Reidun Synnøve Gravelseter

Thea Meinert (born 1989) holds a master of visual arts from the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim and Begen university, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design. She works mainly with sculpture and installation,including a wide range of materials, technique and shape. In 2017 she was artist-in-recidence at Surnadal Billag and Rake Exhibition space with subsequent exhibitions both places. During Spring 2018 she has exhibited at Galleri Blunk and Gallery Kit in Trondheim with upcoming exhibitions in Galleri Kronborg, Bergen and Kunsthall15 in Trondheim.




Ritual remedy for felon, gout, sores and blisters found on fishers and artists. Presented at Kurant, Tromsø.
Photo: Camilla R. Nicolaisen

Camilla Nicolaisen is a visual artist from Lofoten living in Tromsø, Norway. She holds a BA in Ceramics from Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen, and a MA in Contemporary Art from Tromsø Art Academy. Currently she has a studio at Kysten-Tromsø Fylkeskultursenter; and is a member of the art-groups “Tromsø Tegneklubb”, “Open Out” and of “Queer Ecology”, a research group of artists and other professions dealing with Ecology from a queer starting point. Her artistic practice involves ceramic structures, sound pieces, herbal remedies, drawings and installations with natural materials. She works with the thematic of interspecies connection, to highlight the necessity of going beyond the dichotomy of nature vs. culture, intending to explore how our habitual knowledge can make its way back into our modern lives, and how local relational knowledge has found a way to persist in the globalized, capitalist world. More generally, her work also challenges some of the dominant narratives linked to colonization, gender norms and consumerism.


Echoists of the Takase River, 2016, video still.

Ananda Serné lives in Stavanger. She holds an MA in Fine Arts from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavík. Through moving image, photography, textiles and writing, her practice explores forms of sensory (dis)orientation, as well as various ways of experiencing certain landscapes both cognitively and intuitively. A selection of solo/group exhibitions and screenings includes: Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo; Studio 17, Stavanger; Tenderflix International Film and Video Prize, Tenderpixel, London; Gerdarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum, Iceland; Antimatter Media Art, Canada and Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany. She has completed residencies at Villa Ruffieux in Switzerland and Asahi AIR in Japan.