Composer and artist working sound and listening.

  • Medlem NNBK

Tine Surel Lange is a Norwegian composer and artist working with sound in different formats and expressions with the result being everything from instrumental, electro acoustic (soundscape, ambisonics, etc), video, and installation works – often with performative elements and comments on society. She belongs to a new generation of artists  working with 3D sound, surround and immersive sound. Surel Lange’s works have been presented at festivals like Arctic Arts Festival, Borealis, Only Connect, Nordic Music Days, UNM and in greater parts of Europe, Russia, US, Canada and South Korea.

“I work with the surrounding world both thematic and as material and explore what music and sound can express. In a time where we are constantly surrounded by sound, have we forgotten how to listen? With my art I wish to make people listen, hoping we through listening connects more to our changing surroundings.»

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