Roanne O'Donnell

  • Medlem NNBK

The Singing Ringing Tree Series © 2010
The work is the exploration of my memory of this magical television series from the period of my early childhood. The original series was made in colour, but shown on our black and white television set in the late 1960´s. The departure from a monochrome pallet after a twelve year study is a significant factor in my enquiry.

The first of the triptych represents an original still from the film. The central part depicts, as close as I am able, my memory of the scene. The third is the representation of my memory in colour and tone.
The images are printed on perspex. The printing technique used is low-priced and unreliable, further extending the question of the accuracy of recall. The images themselves, whilst being faithful to a remembered vision, also question the influence of nostalgia, verging upon the sentimental and self indulgent, endeavouring to suggest the wistfulness, melancholy and longing I felt as a child.

Portrait and Abstract Line Drawing – «reflections . questions . conversations» © 2008
The exhibition was a result of reflection and questioning; the artist´s dialogue with the past twenty years of working. Looking again at portrait, observation and informed memory.
Drawing is observation. Letting your hand be directed by your eyes. Letting your mind be open to information; proportions, angles, light and shade. Letting your reactions work instinctively, releasing your mark.
And then there´s the question of your heart; sentiment has no place here, yet identity is not objective. Each line is an entity, there is no replica. Just as we are substance, essence, reality, so is the line and the line is what you feel.
«reflections . questions . conversations» describes the creative practice of the maker, the dialogue between the work and the consideration process of the observer.

Surface Questions © 1998-2007
I limit my pigments to monochrome – shades of black and grey. I limit the motif to a line. I limit the movement of applying pigment, my mark making, to a repetition of that line over and over on the same surface, layer after layer. And it is through this process that I question how far the properties of the materials can be pushed and explore their infinite possibilities. I am a painter. I explore relationships: relationships between the materials I use – graphite, pigments, oil – and the surfaces I apply them to – linen and paper.

Then there are the relationships between the works themselves: how they behave within a family or body of work depending on their scale, size, overall tone, and surface movement.

1998 University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art, Barcelona, MA in European Contemporary Fine Art
1988 Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland, Post Graduate Diploma In Painting
1987 Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland, BA hons. Drawing and Painting

2008 A.rt Gymsal, Harstad, Norway, ‘relections . questions . conversations’
2003 Atelier Lofoten, Svolvær, Norway ‘Horizontal Works’
2002 Galleri Nord-Norge, Harstad, Norway ‘Surface’
2001 Galleri Nordaførr, Bodø, Norway, ‘Work’

2010 Galleri Nord-Norge, Harstad, Jubiléumsutstilling – NNKS 30år
2001 Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø, Norway, ‘Furness/Moen/O’Donnell/Skotnes’
2000 Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø, NorwayDen 7. Tromsutstillinga’

2002 Harstad Kommune, Harstad, Norway, Public Collection
2001 Tromsø Kunstmuseum, Tromsø, Norway, Nordnorsk Kulturråd Collection

2006 Bøheimen Omsorgssenter, Bø i Vesterålen

2005 Bøheimen Omsorgssenter, Bø i Vesterålen, Norway

2005 Norwegian State Grant, Norway
2003 Norwegian State Material Grant, Norway

Januari 2008, Bilbao, Reis og Rykk, Leonardo da Vinci prosjekt

2010 Eier av A:rt Gysmal AS, Harstad
A:rt Gymsal er et unik konsept av en mangfoldig samlokalisering av kulturelle og kunnskapsintensive næringer som er i drift i Harstad. Virksomhetene innbærer skapning, forming, formidling og utstilling av produkter, tjenester og kunstverk. A:rt Gymsal ligger i forkant av kreativbasert næringsvirksomhet for vår region og er et ledende miljø innen kunst- og kulturnæringer i et internasjonalt perspektiv hvor det er fokus på kvalitet og design på et internasjonalt nivå.