Ingeborg Annie Lindahl

Contextual art / Various techniques

  • Medlem NNBK

Ingeborg Annie Lindahl (b. 1981 in Harstad) mainly working site-specific in several mediums, she has been most noted for her large scale chalk-drawings and installations. Lindahl’s artistic method combines the outcome from field trips and personal experience of the place. When Lindahl started working with chalk, she was drawn by impermanence and thoughts for expulsion. She has used chalk in several different shapes; as marble, plaster and pigment, playing with the idea of mankind as a early stage of becoming mineral.

Lindahls work is in many ways performance based, where she is portraying the landscape in a romantic and dramatic manner. Her material substantiates a manifestation of change, both in how knowledge is made and how nature is in a constant state of transformation. Lindahl is interested in the landscape of echoes in the sphere of human thought, and explore culture and value in our time in relation to nature.

INGEBORG ANNIE KRISTINE LINDAHL (b. 1981) lives and works in Harstad, Northern-Norway. Lindahl is a member of NBK (Norwegian Visual Art Association), NNBK (North-Norwegian Visual Artist Association), and UKS (Young Artist’ Society). | +47 902 25 901 | | | | |



2018 Statens 131. kunstutstilling, Høstutstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo Norway

2018 Commission and workshop, Bardufoss Høgtun vgs, Norway

2018 Geology of life – Drawing our attention, Anchorage Museum, Alaska

2018 Nye Landskap, Konstmuseet i Norr, Kiruna, Sweden

2019 Collateral Impact, Solo exibition, Nord Trøndelag Kunstmuseum, Namsos, Norway

2019 Kurator for ILIOS – festival for contemporary art and music, Galleri NordNorge, Harstad Norway

2019 Solo exibition, Galleri RAM, Oslo, Norway



2010-2012 Master of Fine Arts, Bergen National Academy of the Arts

2009-2010 Producer, Harstad University College

2007-2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, UiT

2006-2007 Tourism, Harstad University College

2002-2004 Art, Strykejernet Kunstskole As, Oslo

1999-2000 Advertisement, Illustration and Design, Solhaugen S.H. school, Narvik



2018 Curator for ILIOS, Kiyoshi Yamamoto ‘Tell me what you want, what you really really want (7)’,Galleri NordNorge

2017 Curator for ILIOS, The posthuman condition, Galleri NordNorge, Harstad

2014-2014 Workshop in Performance, Stangnes videregående skole, Harstad

2014-2014 Co-curatorial project, SABOTasje, Gamle Innvik Ullvarefabrikk

2013-2013 Co-curatorial project, odds: book launch and pop-up art exhibition, Frantz: Navle, Bergen

2013-2013 Workshop in Land-Art, Dingemoen skole, Fjaler

2012-2013 Co-curator and Producer, postmomart, odds, Odda

2011-2011 Curator and Producer, Ut i min hage – Nr. 19, Harstad

2011-2011 Temporary artist assistant, Arctic Challenge – Site Specific, Andørja

2011-2011 Museum host, Sør Troms Museum, Harstad

2009-2009 Gallery host, Galleri NordNorge, Harstad

2009-2009 Temporary assistant for John Kørner, Copenhagen

2000-2001 Graphic designer, Admiralen As, Harstad



2016 Skewed Nature, Ilios samtidsmusikk festival, Galleri NordNorge, Harstad

2015 Light in the blackout, Sortland Kunstforening

2015 Focal depth – Above the fold, Trafo Kunsthall, Asker

2014 Neo Cretaceous – Drawn From Nature, Skien Kunstforening

2014 Ground Roll – Drawn From Nature, Galleri Gamle Oslo

2013 Encounter in Space, curated by Roanne O’Donnell, Galleri NordNorge, Harstad

2013 Soft as Chalk, Vossa Jazz XL, Banksmidja, Voss

2009 Desires realized as a result of efforts, Galleri NordNorge, Harstad



2018 Den 72.Nordnorske Kunstutstilling, turnerende utstilling I Nord Norge

2017 Subsistence, curated by Julie Decker and Jérémie McGowan, Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad

2017 Temporary and Eternal, curator Bjørn Inge Follevaag, Amy Li Gallery Beijing, Kina

2017 Fri Geometri with Kjell Varvin, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

2016 The 2nd SEA + Triennale, the National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta; Indonesia

2016 Rhetorics of Power, Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 Ingen rødmer i paradiset, Kulturbadet Galleri, Sandnessjøen, Norway

2016 Shades of change, with Trond Lossius, Stiftelsen 3,14 Bergen, Norway

2016 FENOMENOLOGI, Bodø Kunstforening, Norway

2016 Imago Mundi Norway, Luciano Benetton Collection, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

2016 FENOMENOLOGI, curated by Kjell-Erik Ruud, HardingarT, Utne

2015 FENOMENOLOGI, curated by Kjell-Erik Ruud, Galleri Verk, Hammerfest

2015 Close the door or all the darkness will leak out, Galleri Box, Göteborg, Sweden

2015 Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling, Den Frie Utstillinsbygning, Copenhagen, Denmark

2015 Kunstauksjonen Syria, Østre – Hus for lydkunst og elektronisk musikk, Bergen

2015 Thus passes the glory of the world, Troms Fylkeskommune, Trondenes

2015 Mellom Himmel og Fjord – SJÅ!, Harding Puls, Hardanger

2015 Extensive – The other side, curated by Kjell-Erik Ruud, Salihara Gallery, Indonesia

2015 Den 69.Nordnorske Kunstutstilling, (65th Annual Exhibition Nordnorsken) Touring exhibition, Northern Norway

2015 10×10=100% JACQUARD, curated by Kristina D Aas, Lithuania

2014 Internasjonal Creative Labaratory of Performance, Centre of Cultural Initiatives, Karelia

2014 «7», Galleri Gamle Oslo

2014 Markeringsdistirkt Harstad, trio with Toril Johannessen and Bård & Hilde Tørdal, Harstad Kunstforening

2014 SABOTasje – Jacquard historier, Gamle Innvik Ullvarefabrikk, Innvik

2013 Book Launch odds: the text compilation + Pop-Up Art Show, Frantz : Navle, Bergen

2013 Kunstlandskap Fjaler, curated by Kjell-Erik Ruud, Nordic Artists’ Centre Dalsåsen

2012 Opningsutstilling, Frantz : Navle, Bergen

2012 Jolautstilling, Voss Kunstlag, Banksmidja, Voss

2012 odds, Gamle Yrkesskolen i Odda

2012 Trykk : trykK presents Trykk : trykK, as part of b-open, Bergen

2012 KNOCK KNOCK, Norsk Billedhoggerforening, Prosjektrom Carl Berner, Oslo

2012 MA exhibition: A Ride Full of Traps, Bergen Kunsthall

2012 FRENZY, curated by Tommy Olsson, NoPlace, Oslo

2012 BETWEENtheFOUR, curated by Jane Sverdrupsen, F Block Gallery, Bristol, E

2011 Ut i min hage – Nr. 19, Bjarne Erlingsønsgt. 19, Harstad

2011 17 M.O.H., Bergen Kjøtt

2010 Kunstakademiet i Tromsø, curated by Linus Elmes, UKS, Oslo

2010 BA exhibition: Betrayed by Nature. Never trust a pioneer, Tromsø Kunstforening

2009 Reduction,Tromsø Art Academy in an enevelope

2009, 2008, 2006, 2005 Christmas Exhibition, Galleri NordNorge, Harstad

2008 Hjemme Alene, Tromsø Kunstforening



2017 Geology of life, Statoil Art Collection, Aasta Hansteen

2017 Drawn from Nature – Subsistence, Nord Norsk Kunst Museum

2016/17 Light over land, Statoil Art Collection, Harstad

2015 Bernt fra Bergen, Hordaland Fylkeskommune

2013 Devolution Crater, Nordic Artists center Dale



2016 Residens ved UKS/PNEK, ORP2, Oslo, Norway

2015 High North A-i-R Network, St Petersburg and Murmansk, Russia

2014 International creative laboratory, PRO-art Community, Karelian center of contemporary art and culture, Karelia

2013 Kunstlandskap Fjaler, Nordic Artist Centre Dale



2018 Kritikerprisen for verket Uforløst, Nordnorsken

2017, 2015, 2013 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, project funding

2017 Billedkunstnernes Hjelpefond, 3 year working grant

2017 Harstad Sparebank, project funding Atelierhus – Ut i min hage

2016, 2015 Troms Fylkeskommune, project funding

2016 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, 1 year working grant

2015 Arts Council Norway, exhibition support

2015 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagfond, project funding

2015 Arts Council Norway, project funding

2015 Troms Fylkeskomune, project funding

2015 Kulturnæringsstiftelsen SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge, project funding

2014 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagfond, 2 year working grant

2014 Arts Council Norway, project funding

2013 Per Spillings pris, Harstad

2013 Bergen Kommune, culturegrant

2013 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagfond, project funding

2013 Vossajazz stipend



2017-2020 Board member, Arctic Arts Festival

2016-2017 Deputy board member, Arctic Arts Festival

2015-2017 Board member, Nord-Norske Bildende Kunstnere

2012-ongoing Member in postmomart, artist/curator group

2011-2012 Member in resource group, The stitch project

2009-2009 Bachelor interview committee, Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art

2008-2009 Student representative in the working group for organizing the new Faculty 5, the artistic faculty, UiT

2008-2009 Deputy student representative on the University Board in the University of Tromsø

2007-2008 Deputy student representative on the College Board in Tromsø University College

2006-2007 Student representative on the College Board in Harstad University College



2018 Vant kritikerpris, Harstad Tidende 22. januar, s 32

2018 Ingeborg ble tidenes første vinner av kritikerprisen, Bodø Nu 20.januar

2017 Leirbål og reinsdyrskrotter, av Sigrid Lien og Hilde W. Nielssen, Klassekampen 12. juli, s 24 -25

2017 Festspillsutstillingens forvandlingsøyeblikk, av Sigurd Stenersen, Harstad Tidende 28. juni, s 28

2017 Growing Culture by Kristin Valla, Høtt, s 81 – 87

2017 Hektisk år for verdenskunstneren, Harstad Tidende 23. mai, s 24- 25

2017 LOOK NORTH – What are we talking about? North-Norwegian Visual Artist Association, s 116 – 117

2016 Local, International Artists Cross Boundaries Between Themes and Medium at SEA+,

2016 Kunst i øyeblikket, av Marit O. Opsahl, Se Kunst I Nord Norge, magasin 01 s 10 – 11

2016 Hun er fyr og flamme, Harstad Tidende 7. April, s 23

2016 Ingeborg Annie fikk ’Lys over land’, Hålogaland avis 7. April, s 13

2016 Hun fikk millionoppdraget, Harstad Tidende 6. April,

2016 Hovedutstilleren, Harstad Tidende 30.januar, s 41

2015 Det er brutalt å se kunstverket sitt forsvinne, Harstad Tidende 31. oktober, s 16 – 18

2015 Særegne synsvinkler av Kjetil Røed, Aftenposten 29. august s 56

2015 Kunstkritiker i bevegelse av Tommy Olsson, Klassekampen 28. august

2015 Mellom himmel og Fjord, Bergens Tidende 31. mai

2015 Verden rundt med samtidskunst, Harstad Tidende 1. februar

2014 Saftig akkord med overtoner, Sigurd Stenersen, Harstad Tidende 24. juli, s 32

2014 Samtids Harstad, Harstad Tidende 21. juli, s 45

2014 Alle gode ting er tre, Harstad Tidende 20. juni, s. 32 – 33

2014 Fikk 15.000 for gjenbesøk, Harstad Tidende 12. mars, s. 28 og 29

2014 Nye tanker i kunstforeningen, KUNST PLUSS Nr 1. s 4 – 6

2014 Kometkunstner stiller ut i Skien, Varden 27. februar s 51

2014 Elsker det som varer, 1. februar, Hilde Demroen

2013 Juleutstilling og prisutdeling, Hålogaland avis 12. desember

2013 odds The text compilation, postmomart

2013 Treng 100 kvadratmeter med mose, NRK Sogn og Fjorande 22. august, Anna Gytri

2013 Skaper kraterkunst, Harstad Tidende 13. august

2013 Kunstnerens arbeidsrettigheter på agendaen. Nå!, SekunstMagasin Nr. 2 Juni, Hilde Sørstrøm

2013 Ødela eget kunstverk, Harstad Tidende 14. mai s 28

2013 Leter etter det store bilde, Hålogaland avis 10. mai s 20

2013 Meteorittnedslag på resirkulerte tavler, Harstad Tidende 7. mai s 27

2013 Voss-utstilling hjem, Harstad Tidende 9.april s. 27

2013 Ingeborg Annie Lindahl preger VossaJazz,

2013 Mykt som kritt, Harstad Tidende 26. mars s. 25 – 28

2013 Vossa Jazz utstillingen, KUNST PLUSS Nr. 1

2013 Setter kunstpreg på Vossa Jazz, Harstad Tidende 21. februar s. 26 – 27

2012 Begeistret på masterutstilling, Harstad Tidende 28. juli s. 27

2011 Månedens kunstner oktober,

2011 Kunst i hage og uthus, Harstad Tidende

2011 Uavhengig hagekunst i Harstad, SKINNblad Nr 3, Torill Ø. Haaland

2010 Art in the Urban Context, Billedkunst Nr 7.